Independent Study Project: Astronaut Toy

  • Still in Progress
  • The figure was designed to be cast as multiple parts, and then reconstructed by using pegs and slots. The upper torso can also be removed from the legs, but is currently attached with plasticine.
  • The black line around the figure is where I am trying to decide where to put the mold lines.
  • The fingertips are the ends of pen caps, used with the intention of creating uniformly smooth surfaces when cast in plastic.
  • the left hand was designed to hold an American flag.
  • ______________________________________________________________________________________
  • Process
  • the 'Snoopy' cap
  • The initial armature was very rough, just tinfoil and green floral wire. But it allowed me to start working quickly and was able to be easily cut later on.
  • Here I'm sticking on objects that are similar in size/form to what I planned to make.
    The early backpack (right).
  • I tried to find metal hard-edged objects to build into the sculpt of the chest. That way they could be in place when the sculpey was baked.
  • Mold Making
  • Update: wax pull from the above mold. Hoping to finish casting this guy completely sometime soon.
  • Thanks!!