Red Tide I

  • Red Tide I
    Polyester, wool, linen, monofilament, stainless steel wire

    Red tide is a phenomenon that occurs when millions of single-cell algae “bloom”, causing a rapid increase in the population of dinoflagellates. Red tides can be harmful to the coastal environment, but I am primarily interested in the how microscopic individual organisms can produce such an overwhelming and disastrous effect. This phenomenon, of small individuals swarming together to create a mass effect, occurs in all parts of the world, from single-celled algae to humans swept up in political revolutions and wars.
    This piece was woven in an undulating twill, focusing on color shifts between darker and more toxic reds. I developed a weft by hand-knitting lengths of polyester yarn with stainless steel wire and stiff monofilament to create a frothy texture of ocean foam to contrast the unnatural quality of the affected water.