• Challenge: Create a poster system/identity for Artist Ball, the annual costume ball at RISD.
  • Problem: Past Artist Ball themes aren't relevent to the dance. Art students steal expensive posters faster than they can be put up. The posters have become a competition to steal rather than a system for dissemminating information.
  • Proposal: A system of posters that embraces thievery.
  • The system is organized as a currency used to acquire tickets to the event. The posters range from the smallest, least expensive posters (worth 1/500 of a ticket) to the large, full-color prints (worth an entire ticket.)
  • The smallest posters are printed in multitudes and spread around campus in easy-to-access locations. The largest posters are few and far between, and displayed in locations that are very difficult to reach, making the aquisition of one of these posters an impressive feat.