A Beautiful Introvert (Work in Progress)

  • A Beautiful Introvert
    (2 Week Progress Point)
  •     It's not that Edmund Wang doesn't care about his home. On the contrary, it is the world outside of it that completely disinterests him. Though from the outside this little house may seem broken and abandoned, hidden within it's walls is a world of warmth and light. 
        Here he resides with his three welsh corgis, Martha, Maisie and Biscuit, safely hidden away in the one place in the world he feels safe to be himself. He wakes up every morning and drives into London where he works as an accountant, but at the end of the day he returns home, shedding his black woolen armor by the door, and retires to his real work in life: his knitting.
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  • Check back throughout the semester for updates as I continue working on this project! At this point I am only 2.5 weeks into the project, so there is still plenty to come, including Edmund, Martha, Maisie and Buiscuit themselves!