Techstyle Haus Website

  • A web design, branding project proposal for the RISD, Brown and University of Applied Sciences Erfurt Solar Decathlon Europe Team.
  • Brand Strategy  Drawn from the features of the Techstyle Haus. 
    +  Playful
    +  Creative 
    +  Interactive
    +  Customizable
    +  Comprehensive
    +  Sustainable
  • The discussion question invites the audience to interact.
  • Yes, No and Don't know buttons make it easier for the audience to respond.
    (This was based on research conducted of audience interaction on other team websites)
  • Statistics show the direction of the ongoing debate.
  • The drop down menu expands to reveal sub-categories.
  • Images of the project have hot-spots to reveal information.
    More information about a hot-spot can also be seen by clicking.
  • ( Reseach - the audience is most likely to read small blurbs of information. 
    The activity of discovery fuels curiosity and interaction)
    Some content pages have dicussion questions attached to them.
  • Look through archives to see the various stages of the project.
  • The interactive game invites viewers to play and experiment with the
    modular combination concept of the Techsyle Haus.
  • Goal of the Website
    +  Appealing
    +  Interactive  
    +  Comprehensive
    +  Creative
    +  Encourages Exploration and Play
    +  Easy Navigation
    +  Provides Information and Process Updates
    +  Formes a Communication Platform Between the
         Techstyle Haus, the Audience and 3 Institutions Involved.
    Website Map
  • Audience
    +  Solar Decathlon Officials
    +  Sponsors
    +  Mentors
    +  Peers
    +  Competitors
    +  Supporters - Family and Friends
  • An Audience Persona Example
    Mood Board