Response to "Fast Cheap and Out of Control"

  • How I would describe the film is extremely repetitious as well as very disorienting because of the constant changes and interactions with the four characters. From character to character the flow of the movie was seamless even though each subject was extremely hyper-specific. Strange connections are made within this montage and each subject continually mirrors the other along with the content matter mirroring the way society functions, the way the individual's mind works, how human nature will always try to control nature, and lastly how our physical bodies function within reality. All these are connected to our original existence before and the development of man in modern society. According to Frued the uncanny, " is what one calls everything that was meant to remain secret and hidden and has  come into the open" (p.132). The mirroring of these themes through such obscure activities just reminds us of our primal state which is hidden from ourselves everyday. This doubling or mirroring of our primal state is within ourselves regardless and later just becomes a subject of our own terror. 
    The confrontation of our mirror becomes the confrontation with terror. Primordial narcissism is developed through our mirror but as we grow into adulthood, this is no longer apparent to us. In early childhood, the concept of the double is created with objects i.e. dolls, toys, etc. and produces projections of multiple selves. The child then insures their immortality this way. When the double is encountered in adulthood after childhood narcissism has dissipated, the double then invokes the sensation of the uncanny since it is a return to a primitive state.  
    With this being said, each character and his occupation is doubled with human existence and can be defined "uncanny" since we as individuals see ourselves within them. 
    I  approached this project is set a series of events, a book that mimics the definition of the uncanny. I focused on concepts of mirroring and repetition as a compositional element along with the concept of the primal human mind.