3D Printed Shoes

  • This pair of 3D printed shoes underwent an enormous evolution between the project’s conception and its realization. Initially my only concerns were based in materiality; I wanted to incorporate leather, wood, vinyl, LEDs, and 3D printed components into a single pair of platform sandals in order to challenge myself with extensive material exploration. It quickly became apparent that it would be a greater challenge to design such a shoe than to craft one, so my focus shifted from fabrication to formation. 
    The design process gradually eliminated materials and superfluous aesthetic components, resulting in a final design that speaks to a minimal aesthetic and uses only three materials- “true white” PLA filament, leather lining, and two small LED circuits. The shoes were modeled in Maya under the guidance of Niccolo Casas and Ludovico Lombardi, printed using a MakerBot Replicator 2, sanded for texture, and finished by hand. 
  • Mood board of inspirational colors, forms, and shapes
  • A demonstration of the evolution in my design process
  • The final sketch and rough Maya model built from it
  • A more polished model of the shoes, including a hollow heel to allow for the inclusion of LEDs
  • The printed shoes with hand-dyed leather inserts