Hand Weaving

  • Material Intersections
    15" x 30" | Cotton, Paper Yarn, Polyester, Cut Found Plastic, Bamboo Skewers

    These sculptural pieces explore the material and formal complexities of the Chinese Chao guan summer court hat. The rich combination of materials create a dynamic, interactive structure. The necessity for linear structure to support the curves present in the hat is reminiscent of the same functionality within the human body. By introducing this system, the works reference the human body, bringing the body into the piece versus relying on the body as a wearer. With these sculptural forms, these qualities are brought to the purely aesthetic, versus functional object.
    Created for The Designing Traditions Biennial Exhibition at the RISD Museum. The Designing Traditions Biennial showcases contemporary student textile designs alongside Asian textiles and clothing from the Museum’s permanent collection.
    Chosen for exhibit in RISD Museum of Art Spring 2012 - Fall 2013.

  • Woven Water
    2' x 7' | Cotton, Polyester, Clear Plastic Tubing
  • Hand Woven Samples