• Arcadia is a series of photographs devoid of people. However, they describe a multi-scenario relationship between what is natural and what is man-made. We praise nature and yet manipulate it to fit our own needs. We create life and in the next instant, destroy it. Once again my thoughts of underlying displacement emerge. What is may not exactly belong.

    These photographs, were inspired by England’s Stourhead: "… one of the best examples of the English landscape style of garden; a brilliant Arcadian design begun by Henry Hoare in 1741, incorporating ever changing vistas around a lake, replete with temples to Apollo and Flora, a rock bridge, a cascade, a pantheon, a thatched cottage, and a grotto"(1). My work is the antithesis of Stourhead’s highly landscaped perfection; I therefore decided to ironically call my new documented landscapes: Arcadia n. A place in which people are imagined or believed to enjoy a perfect life of rustic simplicity.(2)
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