Proposal for TWA Geometric Derivation

  • As I meditated with the TWA terminal through hand drafting, I became curious about how to describe the curvatures of the cast-in-place roof, and if they would relate to the construction circles I was adding to my drawing. Through analyzing geometric facts from plans and sections, I investigated what sort of shapes and transformations the lobes of the roof could be cut from. My meandering investigation yielded a hypothesis of the torus (an arching cylinder, such as macaroni) as the most likely fundamental shape.
  • Sectional Data Sets to Scale for Comparison
    Allignment of Tori
    Rules of Hypothesis
  • Hand drafted 30"x40" TWA. Birds-eye axon.
  • Detail from the well loved drafting.
  • Rendering of the roof lobes in dark blue within their completed tori.