• Tatterhood follows the story of two twin Princesses, one beautiful and one ugly, named Marigold and Tatterhood. Though the two are nothing alike, they bring out the best in one another, and their adventure begins when Marigold's head is stolen by a swarm of garden trolls sent by the vengeful witch, Eleanora. It is up to Tatterhood to get it back, but little do they know... this is only the first of their troubles.
  • Brash, bold and instinctive, Tatterhood likes herself just the way she is, and don't you forget it. When she's not busy disappointing her strict mother, she is off riding her goat and dreaming of leaving her small kingdom, finally free to go wherever she chooses. However, as the first born, the throne is hers to inherit, and so she is locked to the land.
  • Pictured right: Tatterhood when transformed
  • Princess Marigold, also known as Goldie, is her parents' pride and joy, but she is about to crack under the pressure. All of their dissappointment in Tatterhood is converted into expectations and standards for Goldie, who in turn works as hard as she can to be as perfect as she is supposed to be.
  • All Eleanora wanted was to tend to her garden and all 79 of her flower trolls. It was the Queen who went to Eleanora for help when she could not have children, but what does Her Majesty do when she fails to follow Eleanora's simple instructions and suddenly faces the consequences? Banishes her and every last troll to a remote island off the coast! Eleanora may not have wanted any trouble, but this means war.
  • Eleanora's early concept sketch and traveling costume
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