• Composition & Geometry
    Rhode Island School of Design
    Speos Photographic Institute
    International Travel Program_Photography in Paris
    Focusing on composition and geometry, I created a set a pieces that work at multiple scales.  Each piece works by itself, as well as with its neighboring pieces, and all together as a complete composition.  Composition and geometry are considered not only in a spatial sense, but also with color and contrast in mind.  While working with the idea of scale for the composition of the project, I wanted to remove a sense of scale and depth from each individual piece, thus creating more graphically oriented, or “flat”, images.

    This project incorporates multiple attempts.  A series of simple geometric compositions focus on negative space and contrast.  The scaleless photographs use texture, pattern, and color to compose a piece.  I was also interested in showing the city’s architecture.  However, I was more drawn to its architectural details.  For me, the architecture is strongest at these moments.  Architecture lives within the individual details; they are what make up the whole.