Anne Klein Branding Workshop at Graj + Gustavsen

  • My internship at Graj + Gustavsen was extremely enriching. I collaborated with the design team and other interns to work on the Anne Klien re-branding project.
    I worked on the first phase of the project for which the team created an exploration and discovery workshop to access the current position of the Anne Klein brand and strategize its possible future position in the market. 
    Under the guidence of our mentors, my fellow interns and I conducted thorough market research. We decided the various criteria for analysis and created research decks for each brand. The cover pages introduced the brand followed by its distribution, product and price in comparison to Anne Klein, philosophy, blogs, campaign, identity system, looks, environment and product assortment. 
    The market research conducted also included a field trip to department stores to access how Anne Klein is placed in comparison to its competitors and understand consumer behavior.
  • These are a few of the research decks that I made. 
  • I am thankful to Graj and Gustavsen, my mentors and fellow interns for
    giving me this experience.