Luvocracy Redesign

  • Luvocracy is building a new marketplace around the explosion in social sharing. This is done by creating a way for people to buy recommendations from people whose taste they trust. Luvocracy builds that into an economy by allowing everyone to participate in the value that they create.
    Luvocracy presents viewers with products they may be interested in purchasing, promoted by trusted users. The platform allows for easy purchasing, but lacks a human element or deeper interactions. Products are only promoted with a single comment blurb from the user, whose online persona is limited to their profile information and suggestions posted.
    Users enjoy sharing their personal styles and collections via social media platforms. By presenting followers with a peek at their lifestyle, users develop a stronger relationship with their followers and are able to promote a wider range of products which followers can purchase. Increased social presence from followers as well as rewards for referring products both encourage users to participate in deeper social sharing.
    To enhance Luvocracy's current features, "Curations" would allow users to share their personal collections and the pieces they include. Luvocracy can incentivize users by providing better rewards for the more popular posts, encouraging high-quality posts. This results in deeper interaction on both the user and the viewer's end.
    The image below is a mocked up example of a user's "curation" posts.
    With users posting original content and promoting their products, viewers can peruse a wider range of goods, being led from curation to product, and vice-versa.
  • Options
    By incorporating tagging, Luvocracy would be able to present users with similar products, differentiated by price or style. This can help users find the perfect product or discover new ones.
    This demonstrates the user's personal curation, with the products he promotes. Users will follow such users whose style they appreciate, and can make purchases based on their influencers' curations.
    Further interactions encourage the viewer to continue to explore new products and collections. Viewers can go from curations to specific articles and view a range of similar, differently-priced products. Additionally, by utilizing the rating system, users' curation scores will reveal what their audience likes and dislikes, allowing the user to further build upon their online persona.
  • Similar to the way an endless feed keeps a viewer engaged, this increase in interaction keeps the viewer exploring and can be applied to each user's experience. By presenting a variety of related options, users can find the item that perfectly suits their needs, and develop an eye for the styles they prefer. Users are encouraged to post curations of their own, thus improving the diversity of Luvocracy's user-generated content.