• Typesetting, formatting, and conceptualization of the covers and dust jackets of Treasure Island by Robert Lewis Stephenson, and The Tempest, by William Shakespeare. Exploration of the ocean and an island are a recurring theme in both titles, so this project portrayed the two both as a series and as independent titles
  • Treasure Island
    Robert Lewis Stephenson
  • X marks the spot in Treasure Island, but the ending of the story reveals that it is actually an empty hol
    The Tempest
    William Shakespeare
  • The passage on the back of the dust jacket explains the matter of illusion and deception in The Tempest. The characters of the play are all being manipulated under the sorcerer's magic, which takes the forms both of disaster and of soothing sounds.
    Tempest - Alternate Cover
    Following the progression of the individual character's emotions as well as portraying Shakespeare as the looming manipulator behind the scenes, this alternate concept portrays a different development of The Tempest