• Different text-based apps focus on different aspects of reading. the YouVersion Bible app allows users to view multiple translations of the text, whereas the ESV Bible app encourages continuous reading with a clean interface free of distractions. The Manna app I designed encourages users to share their reading with friends, allowing for friends to encourage one another through verses, footnotes, and quotes.
  • Social Sharing
    Inspiration for this app came from my church friends, whom I noticed would consistently post Bible verses and quotes from the footnotes. Seeing their reading progress and and updates were an encouragement to me, so I sought to facilitate the sharing of similar excerpts by users of this app by designing around this aspect of social sharing.
  • Scheduled Reading
    By incorporating a "Daily Enjoyment" module and push notifications, the user is encouraged to stay on top of their reading schedule, which can be made in this app. Whether it's a few verses or a chapter a day, Manna keeps track of their progress and allows friends to encourage each other through social network connectivity.
  • Below are the user flow and wire framing images