Gravel - Organized Group Travel

  • Gravel is a one-stop shop group planning platform that seeks to make planning for groups trips a painless experience. This product was created with a team made up of four Brown University students and another RISD student, and was pitched to a group of investors. The team worked with advisors from Google, Kayak, and General Catalysts. Focusing on user experience and interaction with this product, the group and I conducted user interviews and early market research to build the web and mobile product. Below are rough mockups demonstrating the product
    Planning a group trip is a stressful and painful process. The average traveler visits approximately 22 travel-related sites over the course of 9.5 research sessions before finalizing their decision. Existing booking sites are good for finding low prices for a single traveler, but finding a flight and hotel option that meets the needs of an entire group involves long, disorganized email threads and many frustrating hours of research. Gravel solves these problems by aggregating options from booking sites onto one place allowing members of a group to vote and comment on these choices.
  • Itinerary
    Planning an itinerary using Gravel allows users to collaborate and form a schedule which takes into account the preferences of each group member. Gravel also provides suggestions of places to go and activities to do based off data pulled from Yelp, Foursquare, and TripAdvisor. Information and reviews will be provided on the site, and links to online booking will be provided when available. The itinerary feature includes an easy drag-and-drop interface for users to add events to their trip calendar. Users can invite certain individuals to join them on certain activities or make events open for the entire group.
  • Inspiration
    Oftentimes the most difficult part of planning a trip is sifting through a pool of travel options and suggestions. Users can instead browse Gravel's collection of trips that other users have been on to get inspired or to receive ideas while planning their next trip.
  • The mobile element incorporated is meant to create a seamless experience for each user, used to cover areas that would formerly have served as pain points