Rethinking Seating: Tietgen Chair

  • The relationship between Architecture and Furniture is constantly being explored and elaborated on. For my final project I choose to draw my inspiration from Tietgenkollegeit in Oreastad, Demark. Tiegenkollegeit was just a starting point for my further exploration of the concept for my final piece. The architects of the Tietgen Student Hall drew their inspiration from the Hakka people who have links in Fujian in Southeast China.
  • The circular structure of the Hakka people's community-oriented buildings are directly related to their history of being under attacked, and needing to make fortress where they could holdout from attackers. The communities which develop upon having to rely on the people around you form strong relationships through close proximity to one another. The Tietgen Student Hall tries to recreate this sense of community, but in someĀ  aspects falls short due to lack close social interaction because of the location in proximity to Copenhagen.
  • Since the chair is a 1x1 scale model the grey sections of the chair are painted and textured to represent cement, which would be the main material for the final iteration.
  • At a distance the ash seat and arm rests of the chair seem to come directly out of the ground connecting the individual to their surroundings.
  • The silhouette of the Tietgen Chair is inspired be the large rammed earth walls of the Hakka peoples.
  • The Tietgen Chair 1x1 scale model attempts to give the the person sitting in the chair a sense of solitude in the midst of the forced social interaction that comes from the structure of Teitgen Student Hall. When the chair is placed in an environment that solely focuses on affording the maximum amount of social interaction you have a place where individuals can be left to their own thoughts.