Wassily Chair ¼ Scale Model

  • Wassily Chair ¼ Scale Model is a photorealistic model of Marcel Breuer's iconic B3 or Wassily Chair designed in 1925. In terms of materials and joinery, much of the model is made in the same way as the actual chair to stay true to its heritage and construction. Cold rolled steel rods are drilled and bent to form individual frame components. Small aluminium rivets are used for assembly. Dyed canvas is used for the fabric components of the model. The attention to detail and meticulousness in its making results in a model that looks, feels and exudes the same qualities as the original.
  • Scale Model with Quarter
  • A comprehensive study was done prior to the construction of the model to ensure accuracy and precision.
  • The cold rolled steel rods are first drilled and then bent. The individual frame components are then put together using aluminium rivets through the drilled holes. The model is then completed with black dyed canvas.
  • The aluminium rivets can be seen in the photo directly below on the right.