Machine Knitting (singlebed)

  • I took the machine knitting class in the winter session at RISD. It was a intense five-week class to learn a normaly nine week content.
    At the beginning of the class, we got to choose a subject for the theme of our project, which I chose to be, the decaying of flower. I made samples as a way to explore the technique of the knitting machine, also as a way to develop the color and structure of the final project fit into my inspiration board.
  • As the final project, I made a garment out of lace-pattern-like pieces. Made on machine with the application of hold button.
  • The back side of the garment was one coherent piece. Predesigned and knitted without stop in middle.
  • Details.
  • On body. Because the original piece was built on a size 8 model stand, the final fitting was relatively loose.
  • Details with model posing.
  • Making process. Trying out different combination.
  • Below are some samples made for weekly assignments.
  • Landscape stripes with ladders and eyelets.
  • Punchcard inspired by dropping petals.
  • Hold-button pockets and variation of vertical transfer.
  • Some samples based on the inspiration board to explore color and pattern combination.