Harbor View Hotel

  • Harbor View Hotel
  • Built in 1891, the historic Harbor View Hotel is located in Edgartown, Massachusetts on the island of Martha's Vineyard. With 114 guest rooms and luxury cottages, the Harbor View Hotel is the largest full-service hotel on Martha's Vineyard. The Harbor View's stunning water views overlook the Edgartown Lighthouse, Harbor, and Chappaquiddick Island. We partnered with the Harbor View  to brand their iconic property and align the design with the hotels 123+ years of heritage, dedication to the Vineyard, and exceptional hospitality. The logo is re-enforced by a custom monogram, flanked with the hotels founding year 1891. The monogram reads as HV, upon closer inspection the letters MV also become visible, suggesting the hotel's connection with the Island. The typography utilizes a combination of time-honored forms and contemporary design aesthetics. The black color is reminiscent of the black painted shutters that are prevalent throughout the historic 19th century whaling captains homes. The golden tan color hints towards sand, warmth, and brass. This project includes all aspects of design from brand identity, collateral, merchandise, packaging, menus, marketing materials, and advertising to their in-room print materials such as the guest compendium.
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