The Wall

  • Site analysis of the introduced species within and around the Marin Headlands. These species are associated with the historical significance of the place but have had tremendous negative impacts on habitat and wildlife.
  • The Master Plan for the Headlands Art Community has reference to symbolic notions of the complex relationship between nature and man. The significant element is a large stone wall that cuts the site directly into two mirrored sides. One side would allow for the wild and invasive species to go free with little to no managment. The other side would include best managment practices for a resilient landscape. The intention, as an artpiece itself, is to elucidate the need for a balanced approach to land management and how nature, if left alone, isn't necessarily sustaining life.
  • Board 1 of 2 of my final presentation. The weight and significance of the wall is reflected in poster layout.
  • Board 2 of 2: Shows the sections and perspectives of the site. Also included is an original poem that further explains the intent of the design. The poem was written by Carson Cooper.
  • View onto the eco-swale terrace that is on the man-intervened side of the wall.
  • Recommended treatments, art installations, and building facia for the over-grown nature side of the wall.
  • The Wall is an original poem written specifically to explain the design intent. It was written by Carson Cooper.