Calendar Design - What does time mean to you?

  • Interactive / Environmental Project 
    Typography Study: 
    What does time means to you? An typographic exploration of time and its meaning. Understanding and using typography as a means to explore the passage of time. As a designer, it is important for me to appreciate and introspect on the passage on time. Be it productivity, fun or time for doodling, how well did I spend the day? A thorough process based project with several explorations and solutions, I chose to reflect time using colored adhesive tape. It is a qualitative measure and the resulting graphic form created on the 17" x 120"  poster at the end of year will give one a clear picture of how well their time was spent, whatever the activity or goal be. 
    Typeface: Numbers ClaimCheck
    Size: 17" x 120" 
    Printed: Wall-tex adhesive fabric 
    Category: Student Project at RISD, Providence RI
    * Process work available