NINE - urban bike concept

  • ^ 3d renderings
  • ^ This is the system that holds the lock cable, it works like a measuring tape, you just have to pull ot the cable and when you let it loose it just spirngs back inside
  • ^ first lock prototype
  • ^ ergonomy of the bike was very important, Rodrigo Legorreta (the main bike man of the team) used all his years in biking to know what we should change in our design to make the geometry more user friendly
  • laser cutting and bending of the aluminum chainstay with the mosterous hidrolic bending press
  • ^ ready for tigg welding
  • ^ our rough finish of the frame after the chainstay was welded to an old broken frame Rodrigo L. had laying around
  • the structure for the body, made with 3d printing, this part holds the battery for the lights
  • ^ structure of the frame
  • ^ we covered the 3d printed structure with ptg to achive the look we wanted
  • ^ first painting attempt, the conditions were really bad so we didn´t get a good finish; we ended up painting it again.
  • ^ we reused a broken fork, using epoxy putty
  • ^ finished 100% working model
  • ^ we designed the bike seat in Autodesk Alias and 3D printed it with a 35% fill (12 hours of printing)
    ^ anti-theft bolts
  • ^ you can only unscrew the bolt using this special tool.