• Peonies
    Sarah Sullivan- Spring/ Summer 2014
    She is organized, systematic, and structured.  
    She stays at home, but knows that is a very important job.
    She runs from thing to thing- dropping kids off at school, to a lunch date with friends, to a PTA meeting (she is the president, of course).  
    Her daughter is the center of her whole world.
    She loves the luxuries in life, so she never hesitates to splurge for some ice cream.
    She kicks off her shoes to spend time in her garden.
    She is one with nature.

    My spring summer collection is inspired by beautiful peonies in a summer garden.  These five looks are designed to be easily transferred from day to night.  A woman looks polished and put together running errands, meeting friends, or attending meetings.  This collection is geared to a woman who wants to feel beautiful because she knows what true beauty is-- family, friends, flowers, and of course strawberry ice cream!