•  Materials:
          Semi-opaque paint tarp with micro-gridded texture
          Transparent plastic gimp string, to suspend the inflatales
          Hair-dryer (air source)
             [ Transformation ] 
              Transformation was the prompt for final spacial dynamics project for freshman foundations.
    My motif was to grow my understanding of inflatables. The work displays my control and predictability of the 3D  inflatable from the 2D form and design. 
              I performed my transformation of flat sheets of paint tarp into dynamic and interactive inflatables through repetition of simple surface manipulation and binding. The focus was on simplicity: on how minor manipulation could impact the resulting form in major ways. 
  •          A steam iron was used to seal major sides of the inflatable, while a sealing tool was used to simulatenously bind both sides of the tarp while melting a hole through them.
  • [ details ]
  • [ Inflatable Quadrilogy In Context ]