• This poster is the final stage of an unfinished summer project. The intent of this summer project was to view design and fine arts through a different perspective or aspect and bring it back to a poster format. Design has and always will be evident in the world we live in. But the big question is, "what exactly defines design?" What form does "design" take shape of? Is design translated through the form of a poster, a postcard, or maybe even graffiti on the side of the street? For this particular project, I was able to discover design in the form of movement.

    Over the summer, I choreographed a
    routine to the song, "Grown Apart" by Lisa Shaw. This is the first time I have ever choreographed anything, so the entire process was somewhat tedious and challenging. Having gone through the process of choreographing, it has made me more aware of texture, dynamic, hierarchy, placement, and scale through body movement. These are all things that I feel are relevant and necessary within graphic design. I wanted to bring this newfound knowledge back into my work by designing a 24" x 36" poster based off the routine. In a way, this project is a personal exploration of discovering design through an unexpected source or form.

    The photograph of the dancer is inspired by a sharp gesture of the arms that leads to a withdrawal of the chest, implying pain. Based off the lyrics, "Time we will feel the pain."