Full Sails – Ariana Martinez

  • Full Sails
    Ariana Martinez   |   2017  |   Painting & Urban Studies
    Full Sails is a dialogue about the ways in which our sense of place, sense of home, is inextricably linked to our significant relationships to other people. When these significant relationships are lost or destroyed, they often take with them the solidity of identity and the sanctity of the place in which that identity was formed. Full Sails is an audio work (full text provided below) meant to evoke the sensation of two people who know each other intimately, intimately enough to anticipate the thoughts and emotions of the other and to predict future actions, but are lost and distant from one another. Layers of the same words spoken at different speeds are meant to emulate this process of making assumptions and filling in the gaps in an effort to construct home from absence. The audio lingers in open space as ambient noise, murmurs and whispers, enveloping the audience in waves of transient, searching prayers for reunion. This work illuminates the intangible markers of the internal homes we make for ourselves and others, and the lengths we go to to sustain them.
    audio, installation


    We are nourished
    By thoughtful silence
    Swelled into full sails, quietly compelling
    Not empty markers of distance, but breaths
    Interspersed throughout
    An eternal dialogue 
    We were cast from the same primordial mold 
    Pieces of Pangea before it fractured into continents
    Particles of dust stuffed
    Into the same singularity 
    Before Big Bang, big band swing into improvisational jazz
    Scattered creation into the cosmos 
    Thoughtful silence
    Swelled into full sails
    Quietly compelling
    The electrical potential 
    In unspoken words
    We were destined to be boomerangs
    We are echoes of each other's voices
    Riding on invisible airwaves
    Back to one another
    Soul fueled echolocation
    Bat wing flight beating
    Against cobwebbed rafters
    Shaking memories loose from darkened corners
    We are Okeechobee backwoods mobile homes
    Inching across 
    Saw-palmetto, slash-wood pine
    Onto highways, into oceans
    Thoughtful silence
    Swelled into full sails
    Quietly compelling 
    Paper boat hope
    Expelled from the sands of time
    We are homeless
    We are timeless
    We are not of this sphere
    We went fishing 
    Off the edge of a crescent moon
    We baited stars with wishes
    Instead of the other way around
    When we reeled them in
    We asked unanswerable questions of the constellations
    Scorpio and Virgo
    They pointed us to the North Star
    But we knew
    That it couldn't guide us home
    So we turned
    To thoughtful silence
    Swelled into full sails
    Quietly compelling
    Earth bound hot air balloon flight
    Wizard of Oz wonder
    At the phrase
    “There's no place like home”
    Even when we are apart
    I drink more of you than I do water
    And I wonder
    What the Ph level of my new bloodstream reads
    But I am forgetting 
    That a five year fast-forward can't tell us anything
    That to conceive of an end
    Is to subscribe to finality
    Is a mistake
    For, we are not a fire to be tended
    But a buried river bed
    That will fill an empty
    But always lie as evidence 
    Of our jointly held
    Thoughtful silence
    Swelled into full sails
    Quietly compelling