Space Collage

  • *This project is a strech from "Mini-studio for Burtsbees." 
    Reference Space: RISD campus (between College Building and Memorial Hall on Benefit Street)
    Re/De-construction of Space
    This is an interpretation of an exsiting still-space through my perception. When interpreted, the space is separated into two fields: 3D structure and 2D visual information. In my eyes, structure of space is the core element, and 2D information is subsidiary element that wraps around the surface of structure.
    An actual space (RISD campus) is recreated, yet flattened and modified through my process of understanding the space. Then, the three-dimensional model is flattened once again as it's processed through photography. The printed images, then, are again recreated into three-dimensional reality, becoming a visual object of its own. This whole process of conversion from 3D to 2D and then to 3D again, is a way to abstract the original space.