Mural Montessori

  • This is a mural that I designed for Wilmington Montessori School for my Eagle Scout project. I chose this project since Wilmington Montessori was the elementary school that I graduated from and I wanted to give back to the school. The mural is 8 ft tall and 24 ft wide. It is composed of twelve 4' x 4' boards that were painted on and then drilled onto an existing wall. It showcases various elements from the school including after school events, sports, classes, etc. For example, centered at the top is the school logo and at the bottom right is a cartoon depiction of Maria Montessori. To make the mural, I first drew outlines on all of the boards. Next, myself, my parents, and my friends painted in the outlines that I drew. With the help from scouts in my troop, we applied primer paint on the wall and drilled the boards onto the wall.