The guide belov'd
    Saw me in anxious thought suspense, and spake:
    "Heav'n, and all nature, hangs upon that point.
    The circle thereto most conjoin'd observe;
    And know, that by intenser love its course
    Is to this swiftness wing'd."  To whom I thus:
    "It were enough; nor should I further seek,
    Had I but witness'd order, in the world
    Appointed, such as in these wheels is seen.
    But in the sensible world such diff'rence is,
    That is each round shows more divinity,
    As each is wider from the centre.  Hence,
    If in this wondrous and angelic temple,
    That hath for confine only light and love,
    My wish may have completion I must know,
    Wherefore such disagreement is between
    Th' exemplar and its copy: for myself,
    Contemplating, I fail to pierce the cause."
    Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy
    canto XXVIII
    size  180*220cm
    acrylic, silicone thread, duck down, wood pole
    Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy