Architectural Projections

  • Assembled a still life of found objects, all painted white. Drew the still life from two different view points.
  • 20 xx 30 in, Charcoal
    The information gathered in the two drawings were projected back onto the still life in their respective viewpoint to create an anamorphic drawing. Acrylic paint was used to articulate the phenomenon of the still life.
  • Section cuts, perpendicular to the original viewpoint, were measured and put into Rhino
  • Mulitple make shift tool were made to meausre the phenomenon and marks of the still life, then inputed into Rhino
  • Traces of the marks on the still life were scaned into Rhino
  • 3D Model of the still life in Rhino
  • Moving into Illustrator, the information from Rhino is represented using line and tone to show the phenomenon
  • Finalizing the representation but only using tone, looking back on the Monrandi paintings