Drawing Final - 1000 Compositions

  • Fall Semester 2013
    Drawing Studio- Victor Lara
    50 Series

    My fifty series drawing final involved the creation of one thousand drawings, superimposed into two 7' x 11.5' collages, one thousand photos of the drawings themselves, and two looped video projections.
    Rather than complete fifty drawings of something representational, I decided to delineate from the tendencies of the project and focus on nonrepresentational subject matter. I chose tracing paper as a drawing surface because I wanted a material that would be somewhat transparent. After the completion of the individual works, I adhered the drawings into two larger compositions. These were hung in the center of the room for viewers to walk through. The semi-translucent nature of the tracing paper allowed the final works to be affected by natural light as intended, especially when viewed from the interior of the two hanging forms.
    The two videos produced feature the drawings falling and the 1000 photos captured. They were displayed via projectors and were looped so that they would continue indefinitely.