(inflammatory) textures of intangibility

  • Proposal//

    (Inflammatory) Textures of Intangibility.
    Amalgamations of thought-vomit are the best way I know how to translate random assortments of debris and cloth into “Works.” My intention is to hone in on my clumsy paws of translation and create paintings that are transparent in their reading, utilizing the gorgeous incongruities of—words.
    Fragments are of incredible valuable and presence to me.

    What I’m thinking about:
    Amalgamations of thought-vomit and thought-cushions
    Clumsy babble
    The potency of forced distance: feeling an incongruity
    How nice it is to force-pause
    Paws on lackluster surfaces
    Multitudes of reciprocity
    Consumption of stimuli
    Indefinite implication
    Do bunnies dig?
    Et cetera.

    I want to forcefully proliferate an incomplete awareness, pregnant with suggestion.

  • Amalgamations of Clums, 2013.
  • Cereal With Authority Figures as Mascots, 2013.
  • Birthday, 2013.
  • Doubly Ephemeral / Excruciatingly Banal, 52 x 62 in, 2013.