Virtual Reality : Bats' Flight and Air Flow

  •  Course 137 : Virtual Reality Design for Science

    The Cave Painting Project #02  : Bats' Flight and Air Flow
    Week 01
    Studied effective + beatiful gradiants for scientific visualization.
  • Week 02
    Created a visualization of fluid mechanics around the pole (the black circle)
    Each gradiant in the legend(right) shows different force in the fluid mechanics.
    Week 03
    Studied bat's anatomy focused on their wing stucture
    Week 04
    Worked in the Cave Painting
    Project : Flying bats hunting insects
    Week 05
     Ideas for Cave Painting interface
  • Cave Painting Brush set : Brown University
    Week 07-08 Final Project : Bats' anatomy and wakes (foot prints)
  • Poster for final project
    Wake Graphic (bottom right) : Sharon Swartz, Brown University
    Public demos of class final projects and poster exhibition at Granoff Center at Brown University
    Thank you!!