• S T R E T C H

  • The basis of my womenswear Fall knitwear collection has transformed from the visual and structural representation of staircases as steps that rise up and fall down, to the reaction of clothing and the human body resulting from these same movements. Rooted in the idea of repeatedly falling down, getting stuck, and rising back up, the visual analogy for my collection can be likened to the scenario of chewing gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe: as one lifts his or her foot off the ground, the gum drags and stretches but still retains its stretched shape. The reaction of the foot’s movement influences the gum’s shape, making it the evidence of a struggle.

    In the interconnected narrative of my woman, clumsiness subsequently translates into elegance. The scenario of the shoe and gum represents the woman’s body and her clothing in her struggle to get up after falling. The progression of her movements results in long trains, sweeping hemlines, elongated sleeves, and an overall stretching movement. The juxtaposition of structure and drape acts to mimic the resulting distortion of stretching, while variations of the stripe motif act lead the eye through the progression of movement taking place. Due to their inherent nature to drape, stretch, and soften crisp structures, knit fabrics form the focal point of this collection.
    Look 1: fleece coat with neoprine sleeves, cotton lycra jersey dress
    Look 1 companion dress: cotton lycra jersey dress with machine knit train
    Look 2: wool machine knit coat, machine knit top, wool stable knit pants           with machine knit side stripe
    Prentation photos courtesy of Jordan Hu. 
    Detail photos courtesy of Matt Francis.