• The Early christian period made a great advance in its effect on brooches throughout the fifth and sixth centuries. However, as time goes by, they gradually disappeared.
  • Within fashion, brooches are viewed as accessories most commonly worn by women, however new advancements have been more accepting by the male species. There arent that many fashion accessories for men. The earliest known brooches were from the bronze age.
  • One day I was walking down the street in NY. And I noticed that more and more men are wearing suits with accessories. And brooches appeared more frequently on men .
  • Many public figures like Justin bieber and Jay Z helped cultivate the brooch trend into something that is both desired and attainable.
    Justin Bieber wore a Yves Saint Laurent Brooch during the 2011 MTV awards.
  • I also blogged about best dressed man. Idris Elba won the awards for it. At the golden globe award, he was wearing this black flower brooch
  • Kanye west’s album picture with his infamous heart brooch
  • The brooch will have a water pattern form with black color for the metal part. And within the metal part, there is a ceramic piece with the color blue and yellow –which is the color of water
  • I want my design to inspire people to think outside of the box when they getting dressed. Many men think that their options of dressing are limited. Hopefully my presentation will give you more ideas about dressing and you can apply it to your wardrobe lifestyle.