Dragon Fruit Inspired Dress

  • This is three week project themed nature. We are supposed to choose an subject in the nature and examine its dissection. Then make a drawing and develop it into a project from the inspiration of the nature object. I chose the dragonfruit and made the elements into my dress. It is my first time making a dress like this.
  • Because of the limitation of time for this project, I did not finish up the hems or some adjusting details, though I have done most of the fittings. So it basically just shows the concept.
  • The dragon fruit drawing with marker pens. Also my first time using markers.
  • Smaller version smaplets of executing what the dress might come out like.
  • Trying pattern on muslin.
  • After fitting on the muslin sample, changed the measurement and took it onto the formal fabrics.
  • The scrap heap:d
  • Dress part before assembling.
  • Pattern pieces including the shirt part.
    I designed the top piece on dress stand first and then cut the muslin and fitted on myself before tracing down the pattern.
  • Front.
  • Side.
  • Back.
  • To show how the pleats work, there are pictures of me squating or sitting.:p
  • Detail in the front. Supposed to resemble the pattern of dragon fruit meat. French-knot embroiered all the seeds on two layers of light sheer off white fabric.
  • First and second try of fashion illustration.