Tesserae: Sophomore Reinnovative

  • The sophomore reinnovative project in Apparel Design is a challenge to create a garment out of recycled, re-used, re-purposed and, or non-fabric materials. The material I selected was cardboard and I was heavily inspired by cardboard's intrinsically stiff and rigid materiality to create garments that allowed for more free-form, oversized and fitted shape.
    In response to the natural state of the material I created two garments. The outer garment is a multi-functional coat wrap made of melted plastic bags, laser cut cardboard and velcro. The coat-wrap is velcroed from the inside to allow the wearer a great amount of customization in terms of fit, silhouette and limitless possibilities to how the garment is worn. The dress underneath is made from laser cut cardboard squares attached to one another with elastic thread. The end product was a pair of garments that are geodesic and simultaneously defiant and accepting of many of the natural qualities of cardboard. 
    Both pieces were juried into the annual RISD Collection runway show by a panel of critics from the industry, were juried into the Apparel show at Woods Gerry Gallery and featured on the official poster for RISD's annual Collection show. 
    Model: Julia Wright
  • Detail
  • The coat-wrap remodulated into an abstract skirt.
  • The under-dress on its own. 
  • The transformable coat-wrap as a flat sheet.
  • Working with the coat-wrap on the form.
  • Threading the under dress together.
  • The under dress partially threaded together.
  • The sketch, done in colored pencil.
  • Detail of the sketch.