My Kuwait Enameled Series

    My Kuwait Enameled Series
           This project is an exploration of indetity through memory. It is a growing collection of rendered excavations from early memories. I tend to romanticize the past, which effectively alters my perception of now. I allow myself to believe things I want to believe and create a more beautiful world than what is true of my surroundings and me.

            A lot of my memories of Kuwait are of things as seen from inside a car. There is a distance, a feeling of detachment from my surroundings, as if I were in a strange place, which now, nevertheless, I feel very connected to.

            I've always liked looking at other people's houses. Some of them with rumors of exotic pets, others really bizarre in how they challenged physics. And others merely derelict and decrepit.

            Moving around these I sometimes spotted an ice cream man biking in the sun or sitting under his umbrella. I always wondered why we didn't have proper ice cream trucks with music like in the movies. I watched him as if he were some rare bird species impervious to the 50 degrees of summer heat.

            Fragmented and forever suggesting new constellations of meaning is the popular perception of Kuwait.

    My Kuwait Enameled Series, 2012-13
    Painted enamel on copper (series of 16)
    Variable dimensions.