Daughters of the Moons Look Book

  • Daughters of the Moons
    Fine Jewelry Collection
             A few months ago, Muneera approached Faisal and Ahmad with a simple, yet highly irregular idea – combining creative fields to create an immersive experience for visitors at the debut of her new jewelry line.
            Having been inspired by images of faraway galaxies and spending hours glancing up at the subtle shimmers of the night sky, Muneera organized her thoughts and fashioned them into exquisite ornaments. Warp away from those months long gone, we now arrive to the debut of “Daughters of the Moon.”
            One hallmark of humanity is its ability to dream and turn those dreams into realities. And so, that intangible feel for space – having it seem so close and yet so far – has inspired countless generations to dream of so much more – to try and glean what it means to be human and what else is truly out there. A further hallmark of humanity is its ability to collaborate and combine various fields to create something truly larger than the sum of its parts.  Both of these monumental feats of humanity were on glorious display during the Space Race of the Cold War era.
            As a result, Muneera’s vision for this jewelry line similarly dreamt a little bigger. She extended an invitation to Faisal and Ahmad to create their individual compositions of ‘space’. Hobbyists in the fields of visual and auditory projects, both Faisal and Ahmad saw this as a unique opportunity to present something simple within a larger framework. By virtue of organizing, sampling and composing footage and audio in their respective fields, they came up with an Audio/Visual component to add (and hopefully not detract) from Muneera’s exhibit.
    Jewelry:               MuneeraHamed Alsharhan   
    Video:                  Faisal Al-Nashmi                     
    Audio:                  Ahmad Jafar, a.k.a. Empty1/4
    Photography:      Jalil Marvin