49 Masks infographic poster

    49 Masks
    Infographic poster
    In this project the aim was to choose 49 photos and then organize them using 7 different categories. The result was condensed into an infographic poster.
    My database of photos is formed by 49 images of masks from all around the world.
    The 7 categories are: age, continent of provenience, shape, size, use, material and color.
    Each mask is represented with it's own features by a shape and then positioned into the concentric grid. The poster was then designed to have two different levels of reading depending on the distance of view. From far away you can clearly read the title and see the cluster of shapes and diversity formed by the masks, from a short distance you can instead read the legend and understand the features of every single mask.
    Size: D 22" x 34"
    Rhode Island School of Design
    Graphic Design
    Spring 2013
    Course: Design for Dynamic Media
    Professor: Colin Owens
    TA: Lehu Zhang