New England Seasons

  • New England Seasons // Color // Fall 2013 // Jan Fairbairn
    We were assigned to create a series of four paintings, 7" x 7" each,  that depicted our interpretation of  the New England seasons. The colors had to be carefully considered and the composition was open to our choice.
    I chose to focus my set on animals, picking one to represent each season. The colors were then chosen based on general temperature of each season and feel each season gives me. The painitings were initially done in gouache but redone in Illustrator after taking in notes from our class critique. 
    For the second part of the assignment, we then had to create a poster that took at least one element from our previous series (color and/or composition) and depicted transitional seasons. We also had to incorporate a poem as the text for the poster. The poem choice was open but had to be appropriate for the imagery.