• WoGD is a project dedicated to exhibiting design work by women in the graphic design field. It is meant to be a source for learning and sharing, and ultimately, a platform to spark discussion. It originally began as a part of my degree project at the RISD in 2013. Its aim is to evolve into a project bigger than a degree project — a project that can reach and involve an entire design community, made up of many voices, minds, and disciplines. Currently collaborating with Women's Design + Research Unit (UK) on a twitter-wide challenge to inspire change for women.

    lecture series, workshop, curricula offering, and a quarterly publication.
    The Problem
  • Although the Graphic Design department at the Rhode Island School of Design is 71% female, only 6% of the designers students learn about in Graphic Design history are women. This is a severe imbalance in the curriculum, and it’s not the problem of just one institution. Though there were and are many men to impact the history and world of graphic design, there have been great female designers right along side them. But why is there a whole group of people being ignored in institutionalized design history?

    The WoGD blog isn’t meant to give a history lesson about designers 70 years ago, but rather, it is a tool made for today’s designers to start thinking about a more balanced picture— the whole picture.