Hat - Decay - Inspired Mediaval Hood

  • This is a project about structure and skin for my Spatial Dynamic class. As winter was here in Providence and foliage everywhere around, I was inspired by the topic my previous employer used for his fall production--decay. So I thought through history stories and was interested in the religious revolution that took place in the 16th century Europe. The religious authority was selling redemption tickets to public for their own sake. I wanted to create a hat that symbolized both corruption and luxury of the Catholic court, so I chose to make the surface of the hat patched and the veil fringed while keeping the structure stable and the edge smooth with all the threads hidden. The assembling pieces were hand-sewn on to create a neat appearance. I went through material references and put some inventions to the original mediaval gable hood by creating a triangle shape of top of the head. Because of the limitation of time and expense, I used fabric scraps to make the hat. But I sourced through the fabric and chose ones that carried Sansanian Ogee pattern to make it more reliable. The final piece was presented in class and follow-up offical photos will be added on soon.