• Infotel 
    The city of Boston hosts 22.1 million annual visitors. Boston Tourists account for 48% of MA state annual revenue. But with a single visitors center providing the needed information, tourist are stuck spending the time gathering this information. So how can we improve visitor’s experience? The answer is Infotel. Infotel is based on the concept of easy to access information. With Infotel, Boston can eliminate the hassle of travel by compiling needed information under one roof. By decreasing the hours spent traveling to tourist posts, persons have more time experiencing Boston. With a variety of collated information, Infotel can extend its clientele base by pulling from local, regional, national, and global data sources. My concept of an information portal is articulated in the module design as well as the dwelling unit, through its spatial layout and interactive characteristics.
    Providence, RI
    Semester Independent Design Project
    Fall 2014