Identity + Package Design

  • Identity and Package Design
    The objective of this project was to create an identity and design a package for a product of my choice. I chose to design identity for himalayan salt pink salt (fine, course, rock). As I explored various logo options and package design ideas, the need to keep the identity true to its origin and let the product speak for itself, in the package design became evident. The logo form is derived from the huge pink rock salts found naturally in the Himalayan range. This slab rock forms the main graphic form of the logo and the courser and finer rock structures are depicted by organic forms. The organic nature of the logo resonates with the rustic nature of the product. I let the logo to be very minimalistic yet strong enough to be unique in its form. 
    I chose to package the product in clear glass jar to let the beauty of the colored salt shine through.
    * Process work available 
    Category: Student Project 
    Package: Glass Jar