Body Dysmorphia Glitch Portraits

  • The concept for this work is based on the mental disorder of body dysmorphia. These portraits are inspired by the media of glitch art as a metaphor for the abstraction and distortion that people who suffer from body dysmorphia see within their physical features. How you see yourself is far different from how others see you. The physical appearance that you wish to have or strive for is always influenced by the beauty standards of society or a celebrity whom you deem to be physically attractive.
  • What I dislike about my face is my mustache. I wish I weren't so hairy.  My top lip is bigger than the bottom, I dislike that too.  I don't like how bulgy my eyes are. I look like a bug. I don't like my fat cheeks or my double chin. I don't like that my skin is dry. Besides that I'm perfect.
  • Overall, I am very happy with my appearance. When I was a little kid, I thought I was ugly, but by high school, I felt the opposite. I had grown taller than most of my friends, and I started getting a lot more attention from girls, so I got a lot more confident about my looks in high school. I also used to be extremely scrawny, but once I started playing sports, my frame filled out substantially.

     For my face specifically, I am also very pleased. I think my proportions are good, and I have good features. I like my eyes, my nose, my brow, my cheeks, and the overall structure. There are also a couple small things that I don't like. I still get acne sometimes, and I have a few pock marks from past acne. I could stand to have a more "angular" jawline. And finally, I wish I could grow a beard.

    But for the most part I'm not insecure about my appearance at all. I like what I see in the mirror, and I almost never feel really bad about my face. I know I'm not quite as good looking as a top male model, but I'd rather be strong and masculine than a super good looking prettyboy.
  • I have super thin eyebrows, dark circles under my eyes and I have blemishes. My face is really round. I want a better jawline and a thinner face.
  • When I look at my own reflection I see a girl with full lips and a fairly dark complexion and brown eyes with an adorable nose stuck in the middle of her face. As I continue to look at my reflection, the image becomes distorted and I begin to find my lips too full and my nose very wide. I begin to see my nostrils as failing holes and my eyes as these beady sources of light too small for my full face.