• smart car
    Advertisement Concept and Storyboard
    The smart car is small, simple, and minimalist in both function and design. Yet its infinitely customizable options allow it to be much more than just a standard vehicle. These options allow the owner to equip the car in a way that celebrates her personality. I see the smart car not merely as a means of transportation, but as a vehicle for self-expression.
    My concept for this advertisement emphasizes change and individuality.  By targeting the younger generation through a wide selection of playful colors and patterns, I hope to broaden the range of potential consumers for this car.
  • Concept Boards
    the city-girl/boy or the nature-lover).
  • City, Night.
  • Nature, Day.
  • Surfer, Day.
  • Sports, Night.
    Required to use no more or less than 10 boards.