Norrköping Visualization Center - Pictograms Wayfinding

  • Norrköping Visualization Center C
    The Visualization Center C in Norrköping is a study and amusing center that make frequent collaboration with the Linköping University.
    a virtual arena, conference room, media labs, research labs, a shop and a resturant.
    For my course in wayshowing I was asked to develop a family of pictograms for the center.
    Starting from the analysis of the place and his image I focused on the logo, a very colorful capital C that represent an eye. Keeping in mind the high presence of children visiting the building the design approach was based on very basic rules: be simple, be playful, be consistent to the existing image.
    From the idea of the eye present in the logo I draw a simple character that could be a substitute for the classic pictogram of the man.
    Then the same characteristics were applied to the whole family taking care of maintaining round shapes with less angles as possible.
    From the concept I sketched some ideas considering different approaches.
    Staying consistent to the idea of simplicity the design consist in simple lines to be easly read 
    and reproducible, but also less invasive in the narrow environment of the building.
    The colors were took from the logo but leaving out the gradients, designed in black and white the family of pictograms can be used in color to identify each one of the different section of the center.
    The eye character can also be used as a mascot in a simple and funny way.
  • Ticket shop pictogram
  • Gift shop pictogram
  • WC pictogram
  • Fire exit pictogram
  • Elevator pictogram
  • Possible pictograms combination for eye mascot
  • Pictogram family
  • Mock up application inside the center
  • Mock up application inside the center
  • Mock up application inside the center
  • Linköping University
    Graphic Design
    Spring 2012
    Client: Norrköping Visualization Center C
    Course: Wayshowing
    Professor: Jonas Lundberg